Cosplayflex Clear (Half)


Our thermoplastics gives you the opportunity to implement your creative ideas in a short time, no matter if you’re a beginner, cosplayer, propmaker, costumes maker, or you just like to build things. You will be delighted by the excellent sculpting properties.

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SIze: 50m x 65 cm ( 650g modeling clay )
Please wear disposable gloves, otherwise Clear may get dirty if you don’t use them.

– It is activated and reactivated from about 110°C

– it is clear, flexible and tear proof

- The handling time is about several minutes

- it sticks to itself, as well as to other materials

– leftovers can be used as a modeling clay, so no waste is generated

- when activated, color tints can be added to get a new color out of it

- paint or lacquer can be used without previous priming.

– it is free of potentially harmful substances such as solvents.

– very good repair and composite options are given, also it works well with other thermoplastics

- under normal conditions the shelf life is virtually unlimited


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